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Before You Get To The Course, I Have A Quick Question For You…

How Would You Like To “Kick-Start” Your Mug Business
With 25 Of My Best Selling Designs?

Firstly I just want to say welcome to the Mug Moguls Family.

I am genuinely excited that you have decided to join me and I can’t wait to see the results you get with this program.

As you should now be aware, a big part of this business is designing mugs for people to buy.

Inside the course I will show you how to find mugs that are selling, what people want and how to design mugs that people will buy.

Over the past few years I have personally designed over 1,000 mugs, and as you know sold over $1Million worth. But as in all businesses, the 80/20 rule applies here too. Meaning that 80% of my sales have come from about 20% of the mugs that I have designed. 

So 80% of the mugs I made have not been big sellers… some would even call them failures… But I don’t, you see in order to find the 20% that will become great sellers, you have to design them all and add them to your store and just wait and see which ones people buy. Some will sell well, and others won’t sell at all. That’s just how this business works.

But what if I could offer you a short cut?

Would you be interested?

I have gone through all my past sales, and picked out the best selling 25 designs, out of the 1000+ mugs I have designed.

Now I can’t just give you those 25 exact designs, that wouldn’t help anyone. But what I can do, is take those 25 designs, and redesign a unique version of them just for you…

I would give you the design itself, the keywords I used to sell it (Titles and Tags) for 25 of my own best selling mugs.

Then you can just upload them to your store, and start selling, knowing that you have some good proven designs in your store from day one.

This is a completely optional package, of course you can just go ahead with the course, and design all your mugs yourself.

But if you want to take a bit of a shortcut, and get your first 25 mugs designed by someone who has sold over $1M worth of mugs, then this is the way to do it.

Click the button below to purchase this design pack.


Brock Hamilton

P.S. Please understand that I will personally design your 25 mugs, they are not premade. So it will take some time to get them to you. (approx 2 weeks) in the mean time, you still have to setup your store and get ready to start selling.

Which ever way you choose to proceed, I wish you the best of luck, and I can’t wait to see you get your first sale.


No Thanks, I am happy to design my own mugs. Just Take Me To The Course!

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