“Retired” Bookkeeper Makes $1,425/wk Selling Coffee Mugs Online!

Writen By: Claudia-Jean Hanover

“I still can’t believe that I am making more money now – in retirement, than I was when I was working full time”

This time last year, there is no way you would have found me walking along the beach on a Tuesday afternoon. I would have been at the office, head buried in a spreadsheet or something.

Last year my husband and I decided to retire and we made the move New York State to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We couldn’t be more excited about it. This was going to be the start of our new life together. Plus we were moving closer to our beautiful grand children. I was looking forward to year- round sunshine and my husband wanted to spend some time fishing.


There was just one problem... Real estate prices in the area we wanted to live in had gone up, and the money we had put away for retirement just wouldn’t stretch that far.

Sure we could have just moved somewhere a little more affordable. But we wanted to be here, close to the beach, the ocean and of course the grandkids. It was the dream we had been working so long for, I wasn’t about to just give up on it that easily.

I knew we were going to need to make more money somehow, to supplement our retirement. But the thought of going back to bookkeeping, even part time made me shudder. I was well and truly done with that.

The good news is that I had time on my hands. The bad news was that I had no idea what to do. All I knew was that I didn’t want to go back and get another job. This was my time to enjoy life.

Then a friend who I had confided in made a suggestion… at first I laughed, I thought she was joking.

“Why don’t you start an online business” she said.

“What like some internet raised millennial, I don’t think so”. I joked.

“Why Not”? she asked.

Then I realised she was serious.

She went on to tell me about an article she had read that said it wasn’t just young kids getting into online businesses. That plenty of people from all ages were getting in on the action too.

She told me about a couple who were making good money selling coffee mugs with funny sayings on them. “yeah, I could do that” I thought.

It immediately got my brain into overdrive, and over the next few coffee’s we started thinking of dozens of things we could put on a mug.


Before we new it the cafe was closing, we had been having so much fun thinking up things to put on mugs that we had completely lost track of the time.

I went home that night and told my husband about my new plan. He was skeptical at first, but he also knew we had to do something because the money we had saved wouldn’t last for ever.

So I had an idea, but I didn’t know how to do any of this. I mean I had some computer experience, but I was by no means an expert, and had no idea how to build a website or any of that. So I set off researching exactly how I was going to do this.

That’s when I came across a website called MugMoguls.com it is a course that teaches exactly what I wanted to do; How to sell coffee mugs online.

I watched the Free 45 min workshop and couldn’t believe how simple it was. I had been a bit worried about how much I would need to outlay, and if I had to buy stock in advance, but it turns out that none of that is an issue if I followed the Mug Moguls system.

In the Free Workshop, I discovered: 

  • How to sell coffee mugs all over the US (and the world) without ever having to print, pack or ship them yourself.
  • How to start the business with virtually no start up costs, no inventory, nothing.
  • How to prove to myself that the business would work, before wasting any time or money.
  • How to find mug designs that are already proven sellers (this was huge)
  • How to set everything up so it was easy to manage in just 1 to 2 hours a day

The Mug Moguls system certainly seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. But being the type of person I am, I wanted to “check around” and see what else was available before jumping in to anything.

So I did some of my own research and found a few other companies who were also teaching poeple how to sell mugs. I watched all their Free Workshops and Webinars, but most of them were quite expensive, some of them wanted up to $3,000 to join.

After a few days, I went back and watched the Mug Moguls Worshop again, and I have to say, I understood a lot more of it this time around. They offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you change your mind. (Which the other companies did not) So I decided to jump in and give it a go.

“12 Months On, All I can say is, Wow, I am so glad that I decided to join Mug Moguls”.

It was really easy to get started, and within a couple of days of going through all the training videos I had my store setup and my first mugs were online ready to sell. 

Within a few weeks my first sales started coming in, and I was profitable from day 1.

My store slowly built up as I added more mugs, I started getting orders every day, then multiple orders a day. It was going along fine, and then something happened, that I wasn’t quite ready for…. Christmas!

As soon as the Black Friday – Cyber Monday shopping holidays came, my sales just skyrocketed. I went from selling a few mugs a day to selling 20, 30, up to 40 mugs a day. It was incredible. I am so glad that I had all the automation setup as they teach in Mug Moguls, otherwise I would have been completely overwhelmed.

Overall It averaged out at $1,425 per week and it more than pays for our new “semi-retired” lifestyle.

Now I get to enjoy my retirement, my husband and I get to enjoy the new Beach lifestyle we already dreamed of, and I now spend maybe 1 to 2 hours (sometimes less) a day working on my new business…. I say working, but really its not like working at all, I find it really enjoyable.

So if you are interested in starting your own online business, selling coffee mugs, then I strongly suggest you watch the free workshop over at MugMoguls.com and get started today.

The next “Christmas Rush” is just around the corner.

Will you be ready to profit from it?

Much love, 


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